WannaCry: Microsoft Gives Customers Reasons to Smile

By February 20, 2018 No Comments

Microsoft appears to be coping well with the “WannaCry” computer “ransomware”, even as the company’s president sharply criticized a U.S. spy agency for its role in exacerbating a weakness in Windows. This vulnerability allowed hackers to steal and utilize it in order to launch the largest “ransomware” attack in cyber history. Contrast to the aloof and distant approach employed by airlines, Microsoft has done well to support its customers under the tough circumstances. Not only did Microsoft proactively issue solutions for lapses in its current software, it even did so for software versions that were no longer being supported. Thus, when it comes to customer safety, Microsoft excelled.

The ongoing research study by the Collaborative for Customer-Based Execution and Strategy™ examines the relationship between customer safety and satisfaction. The study, launched in late 2016, interviewed over 6,000 B2B managers. It examined the association of customer satisfaction in several strategic areas using proprietary models. Researchers then statistically linked the customer ratings to financial metrics.

Several conclusions delineate that Microsoft is on top of its game, taking a customer-focused approach.

Safety is Important for Customers and Microsoft Tops in Safety

Microsoft has copious reasons to worry about customer privacy and safety. Collaborative for CUBES researchers found that the strategic area of safety ranks as the third most important area, right behind project management and pricing & billing. Safety ranks higher than product/service quality and even corporate social responsibility.

In other words, when it comes to overall customer satisfaction, safety is an area of critical importance. By remaining proactive in terms of issuing the necessary safety patches—even for versions of Windows the company no longer supports—Microsoft exudes care for maintaining the critical building blocks that support customer-based strategy.

What defines safety in customer’s mind?

Taking a closer look, the study referenced above reveals the two most important drivers of customer safety are based on the condition that the company:

  • Makes customer safety a priority
  • Ensures that customer information is safe and secure

In both areas, Microsoft is rated ahead of Google. Interestingly, Microsoft also rates highly on “making customer safety a priority.”

All of this is good news for Microsoft. Unlike numerous calamities faced by airlines, Microsoft has only strengthened its reputation as a customer-focused company despite this “ransomware” cyber-attack. Collaborative for CUBES predicts that over time, this will bode well for Microsoft’s overall sales and margins.